Opportunities and Challenges in Melanoma Treatment

Many opportunities to improve the quality of human health exist.

Our client came to us with a request to help them figure out which ones – within a narrowly defined market — warranted investment both on the basis of opportunity and on our client’s specific competencies.


The Challenge

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S.  While melanomas represent a small proportion of skin cancer cases (under 2%), it is responsible for most skin cancer deaths[i].

Our client wanted to understand the overall melanoma treatment area in select US and Ex-US markets, and in so doing to identify leverage points where the product team might concentrate their efforts.

The key for us was to ascertain and assess similarities and differences among physicians’ diagnosis and treatment patterns in those markets.

And it was critical that we illuminate the attitudes and practices in the use of the drug in an adjuvant setting – i.e., additional treatment after initial remediation to reduce the risk of recurrence — for patients in advanced stages of the disease.

[i] http://www.cancer.org/cancer/skincancer-melanoma/detailedguide/melanoma-skin-cancer-key-statistics

Summary of Challenges
  • Treatment Pathways
  • Leverage Points
  • U.S. and International Market Differences
  • Attitudes and Practices

The Solution

Our team employed a qualitative buying process methodology. This gave us the room to identify and explore the overall treatment pathway — and compare it across countries — without prematurely constraining the focus of our inquiry.

This in turn allowed us to embrace bottom-up and top-down perspectives.  We:

  • explored the essential details of the market and dynamics that drive physician decisions; and
  • used top-down validation of our findings to critique treatment flows grounded in both physician and patient experiences.

The key to this exercise was TxEvolution, our proprietary, customized linquisitic analysis of the buying process.  It provided realistic impressions of the market by extracting language that physicians and patients use to describe their real world treatment experiences. A multi-step process, physicians articulated their treatment algorithms which we then validated through additional rounds of research with both physicians and patients.

Expertise Delivered
  • Buying Process
  • Physician and Patient Insight
  • Oncology
  • Qualitative Research
  • International Research

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Our client’s marketing team was able to use Evolution’s findings and recommendations to leverage their product’s foothold in the melanoma treatment space on a global basis.

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