Product Positioning in the Contraceptive Market


The Challenge

Our client—maker of a new combined oral contraceptive (COC)—asked us to determine which elements of the new offering would be most important to different types of medical specialists. Their larger objective was to identify optimal market positioning for their new product. As part of this process, the client also asked us to identify which combination of attributes should continue into the next stage of a larger scale, quantitative assessment.

Summary of Challenges
  • New Product Strategy
  • Multiple Physician Specialties
  • Positioning Identification

The Solution

Evolution took the unusual step of drawing from—and modifying—political theory.  In this case, we applied platform-positioning techniques, tools used by political parties to develop “planks” or ideas that become the cornerstone of their messaging during election cycles.

The team worked “bottom up” to identify the most influential messages to different specialties—and then build positioning statements/concepts from them.  This allowed us to uncover the product’s strongest and most natural positioning, rather than driving messages from a predetermined position.

Expertise Delivered
  • Women's Health
  • Contraception
  • Platform Positioning
  • Qualitative Research

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The team was able to identify the best  candidates for pressure testing in the next round of  quantitative research.  Ultimately, our client used our research to create optimal market share for their product.

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