What Trade-offs are Diabetes Patients Willing to Make?

Beauty is not the only thing in the eye of the beholder. So are the trade-offs a patient is willing to make in medical devices.


The Challenge

Our client – a device manufacturer — wanted to understand patient trade-off preferences in Type 2 diabetes injectors both inside and outside the U.S.  Evolution was called in to provide that insight.

Summary of Challenges
  • Device Testing
  • Trade-off Analysis
  • International Research
  • Patient Surveys

The Solution

Our team leveraged Evolution’s proprietary Qualitative Conjoint methodology by melding it to a quantitative trade-off exercise. We designed statistically rigorous product profiles which respondents then evaluated and ranked.  We were thus able to assess the impact of different product attributes on patients’ likely receptivity to a new device—in a systematic, nuanced and quantitative way.

Our team also relied on a mix of skills and methodologies that went beyond the original brief (above). Our deep well of experience allowed us to rapidly select from a wide array of tools and methodologies at our disposal.  We were thus able to deliver precisely—and only—what was needed to get to the right answers.

Expertise Delivered
  • Evolution’s Qualitative Conjoint
  • Mixed methodologies
  • Device testing
  • Patient research
  • International research

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Our client was able to leverage our findings to develop a device that was—measurably—most appealing to their target patient audience.  The research had a significant, positive impact upon the product’s final design.

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