With a strong foundation in the region’s biopharmaceutical industry, this local firm is shifting focus to meet today’s demands.                                                                              

By Christie Honigman

Given the current climate of the local pharmaceutical industry, the recent rebranding of Blue Bell-based bio-pharmaceutical marketing firm, Evolution Consulting & Research, appears to be apt.

Founded in 2007, the firm’s leadership attributes the change to their recognition of a shift in client needs from pure marketing research services to a more hand-in-hand consulting strategy.

Area Meds

With a flourishing local pharmaceutical ecosystem that includes Merck, Teva, Phizer and Glaxo Smith Kline committed to the area for the foreseeable future, it is safe to say that Evolution Consulting has a healthy developmental pipeline, including proprietary partnerships with 15 of the top 20 global pharmaceutical giants.

Through these strategic partnerships, Evolution provides valuable guidance to pharmaceutical companies looking to better develop and market their products.

“As our team of experts works on the forefront of the biopharma industry, we believe it is our responsibility to respond to the evolving needs of our current and prospective clients, which has increasingly meant serving in a more strategic consulting role,” says Michael Heasley, M.A., M.S., Evolution Partner & Chief Research Officer.

New Focus

As their core competency, the firm’s Marketing Research division will continue to provide research capabilities and customized methodologies on a case-by-case basis to strategic partners and offer dynamic recommendations for advancement.

Evolution also works with clients through the Product Development arm, identifying new product areas and designing strategies for the development and execution of product marketing plans.

One of Evolution’s most distinctive capabilities is their knack for strengthening a product’s commercialization strategy while identifying and assessing competitive threats through their Competitive Readiness program that creates a promotional platform for a product and comprehensively explores the development process and the impact of market changes.

Innovative Take

Evolution also offers in-depth, retrospective analysis of a product’s performance following its launch, via a service referred to as Forensic Assessment. This process, which can be performed as an ongoing service, includes the evaluation of the impact of key market events, the viability of product line extensions, and market underperformance and optimization.

“Evolution Consulting & Research better communicates our ongoing commitment to marketing research as the foundation of the industry-leading expertise that our professionals provide as true consulting partners to our clients,” says Mr. Heasley.

As a result, each project, team, and methodology is customized to meet the client’s individual needs and goals. Evolution’s wide array of therapeutic area expertise has enabled a history of success in providing strategic direction to its clients.

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