A flashlight without batteries is just a paperweight.  And a product launch without informed investment cannot be called properly risk-mitigated. Development decisions should be informed by a deep appreciation of a company’s real-world capabilities and capacities.  Let us be your second set of eyes.

Our Methodologies

Promotional Platform Development

Derived from the idea of a political party platform that consists of ideas (or planks) that form the rationale for selecting one party over another, platform development aids in the overall strategy of the brand and guides the development of individual planks or tactical elements. Our process of platform development often includes (but is not restricted to): internal positioning workshop (brainstorm potential positioning strategies and associated supportive information (planks), positioning research (individual-depth interviews), and message development (individual-depth interviews).

Portfolio Positioning

In a vast majority of consumer product industries, considerable emphasis is placed on the development, support, and maintenance of an integrated portfolio positioning strategy. We have found that planning with a portfolio mindset will likely uncover numerous opportunities and challenges that could go undetected or unevaluated during a traditional positioning process defined by an individual brand focus. Evolution works with clients to develop a marketing research and consultation protocol that identifies, develops, and evaluates portfolio strategy alternatives.

Competitive Simulation

By simulating your brand and the other brand, we assess what the competitive strategy would look like from both perspectives.  From there we develop a messaging platform to both communicate your strategy as well as proactively defend against the strategies of your competitors.