There are plenty of smart people out there, but how many of them are driven by curiosity, intuition and passion?  Not many — and that’s only part of what sets our team apart.  We are masters of data — but not just the binary kind.  Yes, we love deep data dives and connecting the dots to achieve unique and actionable insights. But there is another kind of insight – nuance, and a resultant sense of where to probe next – that can only come from the face-to-face interviews across the globe, with respondents from all aspects of the biopharma market, that are our hallmark.  Welcome to our world.

Our Methodologies

Opportunity Assessments

We understand that the landscape for pharmaceutical products changes quickly. Through a combination of methodological tools we provide clients with detailed analysis of product opportunities focusing on established and emerging therapeutic areas.

Product Crafting

There’s a lot that goes into determining if a product is even viable for the marketplace.  Our team of experts is well versed in the initial research that needs to be conducted in advance. This includes all pre-Phase 1 and Phase 1 research during which unmet needs, molecules and clinical trial plans are assessed (and modified as a result).

Product Positioning & Messaging

Product research to inform the overall brand strategy by understanding the mind space you’ll occupy with your target population. We will help your team to develop the best messaging platform for your product to effectively communicate your brand strategy to your target population.

Qualitative or Quantitative Conjoint

In today’s marketplace research budgets are being squeezed and we continuously devise methodologies that “do more with less.” Our conjoint-based methodologies are being successfully applied to provide marketing teams with an innovative approach that blends the best of qualitative and quantitative research to plan effectively for the future in a dynamic environment.

Competitive Simulation

By simulating your brand and the other brand we assess what the competitive strategy would look like from both perspectives.  From there we develop a messaging platform to both communicate your strategy as well as proactively defend against the strategies of your competitors.

Product Tracking/Awareness Tracking & Usage (ATU)

Assesses the performance of your product in three ways: (1) a quantitative study measures awareness of your product with your target audience, (2) tracks the uptake of your message, and (3) assesses the stated usage of your product.  These assessments provide an overall comparison of your product to the competitive set.

Market Landscape

Taking place in the pre-launch phase of your product, a market landscape analysis surveys competitive products in your therapeutic area with regards to the awareness of the competitive products, the usage of those products, and the messages driving that use.

Buying Process

We realize that the treatment of patients is a series of trials and assessments.  By interviewing doctors and patients we help you develop an overall understanding of the treatment flow from a patient’s initial symptoms, trigger points for seeking medical care, the multiple lines of therapy and the conclusion of treatment.  Additionally we identify leveraging points of your product through the treatment paradigm and understand where your product fits into the treatment flow.