The reality is that there are a finite number of techniques for identifying product opportunities; running them through development gates; and actually entering a market.  But while they are few in number, the opportunities to get lost among them by virtue of preconceived notions, competitive pressures, unrecognized assumptions, and existing competencies are legion.  As a vitally interested, but product-neutral partner, we help you see the signal and avoid the noise.

Our Methodologies

Opportunity Assessment

We understand that the landscape for pharmaceutical products quickly changes. Through a combination of methodological tools we provide clients with detailed analysis of product opportunities focusing on established and emerging therapeutic areas.

Medical Technology & Drug Delivery Devices/Appliances

Medical devices and technologies are essential to the delivery of positive health outcomes. We are experienced in assisting clients during the early stages of device development through product launch. By being mindful of device engineering during early product development, Evolution steers clients towards the successful construction of their product.

R&D - In/Out Licensing

In- and out-licensing allows pharmaceutical companies to quickly expand their portfolio or to capture a return on the development of their product. Evolution is deftly skilled at helping clients assess in- and out-licensing opportunities, plan strategically, and identify potential target areas.

Competitive Analysis

Understanding the market environment for a potential product is critical in today’s competitive landscape. This includes identifying key competitors in the field, their products and market share, the strengths and weaknesses of their products, and past and current strategies used to market the product. Using a variety of methodological techniques, Evolution’s consultants will help identify the critical assets necessary for developing a compelling product in a competitive market.