Dr. Heasley has developed extensive expertise in the areas of marketing and marketing research with over 19 years of consulting in the pharmaceutical industry.  He has consulted with nearly all of the major biopharmaceutical firms in most key therapeutic categories.  In recent years, he has worked extensively with brands in oncology, immunology and infectious disease.  Most recently, Dr. Heasley has worked on a range of pre-launch activities (Phase III trial design, pre-positioning, branded and unbranded messaging, etc.) for biotech agents, as well as conducting post-launch market assessments for major brands.

Over the past two decades, Dr. Heasley has spent time teaching at various universities and has been published many times.  One of his key goals is to continuously evolve and develop innovations that will aid modern marketers and marketing researchers in the process of adding value as the biopharmaceutical industry continues to evolve.  Two of his most recent developments include Platform Positioning and Messaging, Minimal Expectations Modeling (MEMSM) and the qualitative conjoint method PreSIMSM.  Dr. Heasley currently serves as the Chair of the Temple University Political Science Advisory Board.