Dr. Taenzler has conducted research in nearly every area of healthcare, including pharmaceuticals, hospitals/long-term care and managed care. He offers in-depth knowledge in quantitative and mixed quantitative/qualitative methodologies.

Dr. Taenzler has 20 years of domestic and global research experience. Having conducted research in 30 countries, he has firsthand knowledge of the regulatory and government agencies that provide and oversee healthcare services in those countries.

Dr. Taenzler is skilled in conducting international qualitative and quantitative studies, and has provided strategic consulting services (e.g., war gaming, strategic launch planning, portfolio offerings, etc.) for many large pharmaceutical and biotech companies.  He has a particular expertise in medical devices, including drug delivery device and medical/surgical appliances, and has been called upon by pharmaceutical manufacturers and engineering companies to provide market insight into the medical device development and to develop human factors protocols and conduct subsequent human factors testing.  In addition, Dr. Taenzler has published numerous articles focusing on various psycho-social factors relevant to the healthcare and pharmaceutical markets. Dr. Taenzler earned his doctorate in Experimental Neuropsychology from Clark University.