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Gestalt. When an organized whole is perceived as more than the sum of its parts. That’s Evolution Consulting.
While each of us brings talent and experience to the table, it’s our ability to work together, and to strategize collectively, that gives our clients the maximum benefit out of an engagement. Sure, you’ll have a designated point-person (always a senior member of the team by the way), but you’ll receive the benefit of everyone’s expertise and contribution.
We have an entire team of experienced industry leaders who are ready to being actionable insight to your product or new market.

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Partner & Chief Financial Officer

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When you partner with a marketing research firm, you simply can’t afford for them to “learn on the job.” When you work with Evolution, you’ll have peace of mind knowing every element of your project is being personally handled by senior members of our strategic brand consultancy. That’s just one of the factors that sets us apart from the competition – along with our specialist knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and flexible custom services, of course.

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