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Finding the optimal pricing is key to maximizing profit. Pricing research reveals what consumers are willing to pay – and what they expect in return. Using sophisticated qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, our experts uncover the data you need – then give you a roadmap on where to take it.

Whether your business provides a product or a service – whether you’re targeting a mass consumer market or niche B2B market – whether you’re an emerging startup or Fortune 500 company – you need to understand how different pricing strategies will impact your bottom line.

Whether we are consulting with financial, pharmaceutical, or consumer retail companies, we emphasize actionable advice that transforms stats into sales.


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With decades of marketing research experience, Evolution is your pricing research resource for trusted advice and measurable results.

We’ll be there to guide you from start to finish. From collecting and interpreting the data, to helping you design and execute a pricing plan that incorporates our research, we ensure that you end up in the right -and most profitable- place. Our model is nimble. Our approach is hands-on. Our solutions are innovative. Our results are undeniable.


Step one: get clearer insights into the patient decision journey with analytics-driven pricing research. Step two: reshape your current pricing strategies to improve profits.

Evolution Consulting is comprised of some of the best minds in market research. That’s why we work with 15 of the top 20 pharmaceutical firms in the world. That means we understand how to increase your profitability with smarter pricing strategies. We tailor these strategies to achieve peak performance at various stages of the product life cycle, from Phase I to Phase IV, and beyond.

Whether it’s assessing the dynamic between price and volume or determining the major value drivers for various conditions – Evaluating product value versus value-drivers, or identifying opportunities for gaining market access, our wide range of pharmaceutical pricing services allows us to be flexible and responsive to your needs.



At Evolution, we merge decades of experience with advanced methodologies in the market research arena. Combined with customer journey research, positioning research, message development, and segmentation, pricing research is one of the core services we specialize in for retail businesses.

We use the golden standards in pricing research methodologies – conjoint analysis, Van Westendorp’s price sensitivity meter, and the Gabor-Granger direct pricing technique – to find answers to the most important pricing questions for small, midsize, and large consumer retailers.

When does a product become too expensive? What makes a product a “bargain” or “deal”? At what point does a price seem too low and make customers wary? How much is the customer willing to spend? At Evolution, we explore every question critical to determining the right price for your product.


Financial Services

Annual fees on credit cards. Premiums on insurance policies. Mortgages. Interest rates. Account maintenance fees. Regardless of the financial product, optimal pricing is fundamental to growth within the financial sector

What are consumers willing to pay for your products or services? How much are your competitors charging? Are your current prices segmented appropriately? And what special value does your brand offer? From debit cards to investment advice, pricing research reveals ideal price points for all types of financial products and services across diverse market segments.

Whether you’re targeting millennials and bargain-hunters or want to focus on high net worth individuals seeking sophisticated wealth management services, Evolution’s pricing research gives you the insights you need to take the right pricing action.


Are you ready for your pricing strategy to Evolve?

Dynamic models. Quality research. Customized solutions. Full-service commitment. Senior-level engagement. These are just a few of the points that set us apart as an industry leader in business consulting and marketing research.

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