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At Evolution, we take an innovative, client-focused, results-oriented approach to problem-solving. Our business model is built on providing clear, detailed, actionable recommendations for consumer companies across a spectrum of industries. It’s not data for data sake. It’s our reporting and insights, the roadmap we’ll create, that puts you on a path to success.

Our methods are sophisticated, but our process is simple: immerse ourselves in our clients’ brands, conduct research to optimize consumer engagement, and generate more -or new- revenue for the companies we work with.

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In a competitive business landscape, you need a nimble service model that adapts to challenges and delivers results. With decades of marketing research experience, Evolution Consulting is your full-service strategic advisor. From lead generation to pricing research, our visionary experts are passionate about producing insights that translate to action.

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Our Clients

You need a marketing research firm that understands your industry, your business, your challenges, and your vision. At Evolution Consulting, we combine analytics with intuition, delivering the unmatched expertise that can only come from decades of hands-on experience in the consumer goods sector and beyond.

We work with advertising agencies for consumer companies, and the consumer divisions of Fortune 500 companies. Our client portfolio features nationally recognized, best-selling brands like:
• AT&T
• Pillsbury (Progresso Soup, Toaster Strudel, Totino’s Pizza Rolls)
• Procter & Gamble (Folgers, Hawaiian Punch, Sunny Delight)
• United Airlines (formerly Continental Airlines)

From foods and beverages to travel and transportation – jewelry and clothing to toys and furniture – media and entertainment to healthcare and medical products – Evolution stands at the forefront of business intelligence consulting.

Why Choose Evolution?

From developing budgets to resolving internal conflicts, we have the experience – and the proprietary methodologies – to meet the challenges facing today’s consumer companies head-on. Here are just a few of the services our clients trust us to provide:

Through these core focus areas, we execute detailed yet streamlined solutions to the issues facing modern businesses. All of the work we perform is managed by senior members, ensuring your project is in capable hands.

Unparalleled Insight. And Action.
With Evolution’s winning blend of experience, technology, enthusiasm, and outside-the-box-thinking, we teach our clients how to:
• Communicate clearly to consumers
• Follow regulations without sacrificing efficiency
• Grow and compete in emerging markets
• Harness the power of transformative technologies like 3-D printing
• Identify and outperform competitors in the field
• Integrate online sales with brick-and-mortar models
• Improve future brand launches
• Make their brands more customer-centric
• Market corporate social retail (CSR) initiatives
• Meet diverse consumer demographics, from the luxury-focused to the budget-conscious
• Navigate mergers and acquisitions efficiently
• Optimize for mobile devices like smartphones
• Predict and adapt to market trends
• Streamline internal and external commercial processes
• Think about brands in pioneering new ways
• Track and assess product performance
• Try innovative new methods of product development and testing
• Use technology creatively to optimize consumer engagement

Evolution Consulting combines the human with the high-tech. It’s practical data with a personal touch. To learn more about the services we offer, email us.

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