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The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are built on more than medication. Without medical devices and appliances, it would be impossible to administer the medications that let patients experience a happier, healthier, more independent lifestyle.

What does this mean for your business? You need to think about form and function – and how both of those factors will end up sculpting your image, impact the patient journey, and affect your bottom line.


At Evolution Consulting, our market research team is fully immersed in the medical device and appliance industry. We have the sort of the niche expertise that can only come from decades of hands-on experience, merging knowledge of what works with vision for what’s next.

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Evolution Consulting & Research supports its clients in a myriad of ways, but always with one outcome in mind: Impact.

Behavioral Research

Uncover insights that shape the optimal consumer journey.

Marketing Communications

When go-to-market needs to be lead-the-market.

Market Research Services for the Medical Device and Appliance Industry

Backed by data. Driven by experience. Motivated by results. At Evolution Consulting, we deliver more than just metrics. We deliver actionable insights that can be incorporated into your global business strategy. Our mission isn’t just to show you snapshots and statistics – it’s to help you achieve better, more profitable results, no matter what type of medical devices you design or sell. Our services include:

Our nimble service model lets us adjust our strategy as the product advances through each stage of its life cycle. From business development and in-licensing, to Phases I through III and pre-launch, finally culminating in post-launch and Phase IV – we stand by our commitment to full-service engagement from start to finish.

Marketing and Consulting for Medical Device Companies

No matter what purpose a medical device is designed to fulfill, the device needs to accomplish a few basic tasks.

Value: Why should patients choose this product over a competitor’s, or at all?

Patient needs: Is it accurate, dependable, and easy to use?

Cost: Does it make sense with your company’s budget, product timeline, and long-term goals?

Market research can help you answer those questions at the perfect time in the product launch process, saving you wasted time and money. By learning what patients want, need, and value before bringing a medical device to market, you can allocate resources exactly where they’re needed most.


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With an experienced team of medical device experts, a commitment to creating sophisticated methodologies, we deliver quality, data-driven, actionable insight. We supply and interpret the data to help you build stronger strategies and better products.

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