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Evolution Consulting is the leader in market research for clients seeking strategic, actionable insights. We don’t sell you fluff or filler – we’re only interested in strategies that move the needle and increase your brand’s value through problem solving, increased customer loyalty, and ROI.

We’re innovative. Cutting-edge. Ready to find adaptive solutions to every challenge facing your business. Through creative design and unforgettable branding, we link voice, tone, image, and message into a synergistic customer experience.

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Detailed analysis of brand strategy. Guidance in refining product messaging. Strategic Direction for brand launches. Visual design that sings.

These are just a few of the needs our clients in healthcare, financial services, and consumer goods expect from us. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, Evolution works with a broad list of best-selling brands like AT&T, Bank of America, Capital One, Folgers, Progresso, and other industry leaders. We don’t just shape brands, we build them. And they’re built to last.


How do I approach marketing my product globally? What’s my company’s brand image – and is it affecting my sales? If it is hurting sales, what sort of adjustments should I make to improve the brand’s image?

These are the sorts of questions our pharmaceutical branding services routinely answer. The sorts of questions you need to answer if you’re going to keep your competitive edge – especially in an industry that’s facing intense economic pressures and regulatory challenges.

Evolution uses cutting-edge research to help you harness the power of smart pharmaceutical branding. Our goal is to help you showcase your company as a pioneer that consumers can trust. Branding gives you a chance to remold your image, communicate value, and better connect with consumers.



Our market research services leverage the voice of the consumer and establishing strategy for your brand. We provide tailored solutions to some of the most challenging issues facing the consumer goods industry today.

You’re challenged to compete with online retailers. Up to 30% of the industry’s sales growth in the next five years will come from online sales. To keep up and compete, it’s crucial that companies have fit-for-purpose product data aligned with a customer-centric brand experience.

Are you struggling to implement Corporate Social Retail (CSR) initiatives. We give you the tools to start selling the good story of your product and your brand.

Are you selling experiences, or just products? How do your products add value to consumers’ lives? How can they add more? How do you communicate that value? And what other products and services can you offer to further add to customer satisfaction? Our data helps you understand the customer experience to conceptualize a fresh new vision for your brand.


Financial Services

Innovations like mobile banking, cloud storage solutions, social payment services like Paypal, and remote deposit capture have altered the shape of the competitive landscape within the financial sector. To stay competitive, keep growing, and maximize ROI, you need to brand your business and position your product as the best, most valuable option for consumers across diverse segments.

Evolution’s financial branding and creative services are results-oriented. Not only do we give you a detailed roadmap for executing our recommendations – we go out of our way to target the toughest branding challenges that are facing your business, now and into the future.

Keeping information safe. Embracing mobile and paperless technologies. Treating workers fairly. Meeting the unique banking needs of millennials, baby boomers, and more. Your company champions all of these causes – and we can help your customers see it with creative financial branding.


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Is your business looking for a partner with industry expertise promoting and developing financial, pharmaceutical, or consumer retail brands? Evolution has it – plus more than 20 years of hands-on experience immersed in the world of creative branding and product positioning. Combined with sophisticated analytics – and our drive to foster success – we deliver the insights you need to get results and steer your business forward.

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