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Evolution Consulting is a strategic brand consultancy that uses innovative analytic technologies – plus decades of hands-on experience – to identify market opportunities within the financial, consumer retail, and pharmaceutical sectors. What makes Evolution different is the quality of the reports we provide to our clients. While a client engagement may “end”, the insights and impact of our actions live on. Our clients don’t get data for data sake, they get a roadmap to confidently chart their future.

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Evolution Consulting uses sophisticated analytics to identify – and help you tackle – the most promising opportunities for growth across diverse consumer markets. We’ll show you where the highest volume lies, then offer practical suggestions on leveraging the data for better business and product development.


Between economic pressures and technological advances, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most fiercely competitive industries in the world. These factors present tough challenges for the industry – but with actionable data (and expert guidance), challenges can morph into lucrative opportunities.

At Evolution Consulting, our mission is to help pharmaceutical companies develop a deeper, more practical understanding of how their clients make decisions. We arm your business with a precision guide to using our analytical data to your benefit – whether that means launching a new product, acquiring or merging with another company, or other goals you’re trying to achieve.

Our pharmaceutical clients are global manufacturers of pharmaceutical or biotech products and devices for any therapeutic area. Many of our clients are in the process of developing products for rare or “orphan” disease states. The result? We’ve become experts at recruiting respondents for these studies and designing research to address the business needs of these clients.



To build your brand and grow your business, you need to seize market opportunities aggressively, but strategically.

On one hand, overaggressive expansion can spread resources too thin. On the other, failure to capitalize on new, developing, and emerging markets can leave you breathing the competition’s dust. Both missteps can hurt your bottom line.

We’ve mastered the art of innovation – not just regarding products themselves, but also the development, testing, and evaluation of ideas. We can help you harness game-changing technologies that impact how customers buy and interact with your company’s products. Plus, we can answer questions about digitization, customer experience, corporate social retail (CSR) initiatives, mergers and acquisitions, and global expansion along the way.


Financial Services

Evolution Consulting provides actionable market opportunity research for banking institutions, credit card companies, wealth management services, and insurance companies. We’ve worked with some of the world’s leading providers of financial products and services, including Fortune 500 companies like Allstate, American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, and Vanguard.

When assessing potential opportunities for growth and expansion, product development is one of the foremost factors we analyze. Understanding that factors like technology and regulation are constantly reshaping the industry, our experts move swiftly to keep pace and keep you in tune. Through a combination of methodological tools, we deliver detailed analysis of product opportunities in established and emerging markets around the world. As a vitally interested but product-neutral partner, we can help you see what’s worthwhile – and filter out the rest.


Whether you represent the financial, pharmaceutical, or consumer goods sector, we provide the nuts and bolts to drive your marketing strategies forward. Best of all? In the process, we free up your time to tackle other priorities, enabling seamless, frustration-free, cost-efficient workflow.

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