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Every business owner knows the feeling. You’ve got your loyal customers – but there’s always that one prospect (or demographic) you just can’t get to convert. Is it the packaging? The pricing? The positioning? Something else? Or a combination of all of the above?

These aren’t just rhetorical questions. They’re at the very core of customer journey mapping: a specialized marketing research method that uses analytics to track, explain, and predict consumer behavior. With Evolution’s customer journey mapping services, your business can:

The end result? Your business receives clear, personalized recommendations about the most efficient ways to strengthen customer outreach.

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Why do consumers buy what they buy? What factors influence those choices? And why do some companies consistently lead the pack when it comes to perceived quality and customer satisfaction?

The Evolution team has been in the marketing research industry for decades. We understand, better than most, how dozens of factors contribute to success – or prompt failure.

One of the biggest and most important factors is the ability to understand your customers. But we don’t just mean graphs and charts. We’re talking about values. About instincts. About the nitty-gritty details that make people customers.


Through patient journey mapping, pharmaceutical companies can gather invaluable data about patient interactions with doctors, insurers, and healthcare providers. Like customer journey mapping, patient mapping lets care providers and pharmaceutical companies identify gaps in the patient journey.

These gaps often translate to poor sales – and worse, poor medical outcomes. What’s delaying the patient who’s trying to refill her prescription? Why did another stop taking his medication, or switch to a competitor’s product? Pharmaceutical companies benefit from answering questions like these and Evolution can help. Not only does journey mapping produce actionable insights into patient behavior at each touchpoint – it also helps more patients successfully graduate from their treatment.


Evolution has experience – and proprietary methodologies – that translate directly to the consumer arena. Using TxEvolution and other cutting-edge technologies and approaches, we illuminate every step of the target consumer’s journey, from initial need through all relevant points of decision-making. By revealing “touchpoints” – key interactions between consumers and your brand – and the gaps between them, journey mapping gives you a clear-cut visual guide through the maze of consumer demands.

If you can understand the buying process, then you can better execute the selling process.

Financial Services

Businesses need to put their customers first – especially in the financial industry, where an entire lifetime of savings can be at stake. In fact, financial companies often ask us the same question: How can I improve the overall customer experience?

The answer starts with our proven three-step process:

  1. Create a thorough design of the customer journey, including touchpoints and experience gaps.
  2. Operationalize the customer life cycle.
  3. By offering actionable feedback, our insight put to use help you execute, convert and improve.

Experience-based research is essential when making business decisions. That’s why Evolution provides senior level involvement and engagement throughout your project. When you choose us to be your strategic advisors, count on a deep commitment from beginning to end. Our nimble service model adapts to your needs – no matter where opportunity takes you.

To learn more about our choice-based research services for financial, retail, and pharmaceutical companies, email us.

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