You have a vision. Let us provide the visualization.

Data visualization is the process of converting data into imagery. It can help a business achieve its goals faster, not to mention waste less time and money on fruitless initiatives. Visualization brings clarity to complexity – and actionability to information.

Appealing, intuitive visuals are memorable, personal, and eye-opening. They enable you to spot trends, patterns, opportunities, and problem areas. They make abstract, difficult concepts accessible, allowing deeper immersion and understanding. Most importantly, visualization delivers digestible, at-a-glance performance indicators your business can use to inform decisions and drive strategy.

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Dynamic. Interactive. Intelligent. Track performance in stunning detail that tells a story and gives you insights. Data visualization lets your company target trends, chart achievement, compare products, analyze competitors, and ultimately – build ground-up solutions that take your business forward.

  • “When it comes to data visualization, we were pleasantly surprised by Evolution’s ability to connect dots that we frankly didn’t even know were there. They literally showed us several things we were missing and without them, probably would have continued to miss.”
    –Product Director, Leading CPG company

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Healthcare Companies

You need to understand how projects should move through the pipeline for maximum efficiency. You want to rapidly identify – and pounce on – the latest and most financially promising pharmaceutical trends. You must predict sales and performance more accurately, then make the needed strategy changes to yield tangible improvements.

Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies especially stand to benefit from clearer visualization and analytics. Data visualization by Evolution Consulting makes it easier for pharmaceutical companies to absorb and retain the implications of vast datasets that would otherwise be overwhelming. We can help you gain insights quickly, instead of fumbling around for the proverbial “needle in the haystack”.

Consumer Companies and Retailers

Economic strain on shoppers. Increased competition. Consolidation of major companies. The forces of globalization – digitization – automation. The CPG industry is under immense pressures, and as online shopping makes the competitive landscape more rugged, those pressures will only continue increasing.

Data visualization relieves the pressure on your business by providing actionable solutions to tough new challenges. Armed with in-depth, filterable metrics and analysis, you can allocate resources wisely, identify high-growth areas, and gain a better understanding of the customer experience.

Financial Companies

Data management can be overwhelming, even for established financial services that have sophisticated data infrastructure. As data moves faster and grows more complex, meaningful analysis becomes more challenging.

Every moment you spend deciphering data detracts from your efficiency and shrinks your ROI. Let our expert data analysts build memorable, actionable visual reports, so that you can spend less time reading reports and more time focused on what matters.

Bring Data into Focus.

Some firms focus on quantitative data or qualitative data. We are experienced in both research methods across the financial, CPG, and pharmaceutical spaces, enabling us to deliver both in a seamlessly integrated presentation. With actionable data visualization at your fingertips, we put you in command of your future.

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