Predictive Data

Get tomorrow’s answers today.

Data analytics translates binary into digestible information your company can use to inform and recalibrate strategy. That’s a powerful start to your marketing research – but where do you go when you need to take your analytics to the next level?

Our predictive data analytics delivers actionable insights to small, midsize, and large companies in CPG, financial services and pharmaceuticals. Using predictive data analytics, Evolution delivers ready-to-implement solutions to major issues confronting your business, such as:

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With highly-skilled market research veterans on working on what keeps you up at night, you can rest assured that the most complex issues will be tackled:

  • “We brought Evolution in to better understand the decision process of our patients. With their insights, we were able to deliver a new message that opened up our product to an entirely new audience segment. The result was two-fold: new revenue, and I looked like a hero for hiring them.”

    -Product Lead, Top CPG company in the Health & Wellness industry.

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Healthcare Companies

At Evolution, we know where the industry has been – but more importantly, where it’s headed. Predictive data analytics is a powerhouse, cutting-edge research tool that most pharmaceutical companies have yet to fully leverage.

There are almost limitless uses for predictive data analytics in the pharmaceutical industry. For example, predictive analytics can make it easier for your company to position products for entry into new markets – and to stay one step ahead of your competitors. With predictive data driving your strategy, business development just got more streamlined.


Consumer Companies and Retailers

Product returns. Weeks of inventory. Out of stock percentage. Retailer ROI. You’ve reviewed all the metrics. You understand what your KPIs reveal. You know where you stand.

Predictive data analytics for CPG clients adds a new layer of detail, complexity, and sophistication to traditional analytic methods. By merging a range of tested techniques – modeling, machine learning, and data mining, to name just a few – predictive data analytics enables your CPG business to make better, more accurate predictions about market trends and growth opportunities. It might not be a crystal ball, but it’s the next best option.

Experienced management handling your project. Hands-on, start-to-finish engagement. Nimble solutions. Actionable data. These are the hallmarks that help us to earn -and please- our CPG clients.

Financial Companies

Operational costs increasing. Regulations piling onto the compliance burden. Demands of digitization quickening. Millennials driving more of the market. The financial services industry is undergoing rapid changes – and business owners are meeting complex new challenges as a result.

New challenges demand innovative solutions. Outside-the-box thinking. Practical planning and gut intuition. A partner that has the knowledge to turn ideas into decisions, and decisions into returns.

Create a New Tomorrow.

You’re already grounded in the present. Take it to the next level by getting a sneak peek into the future. The future of your industry. The future of your competitors. The future of your business.

If you’re looking for actionable predictive data analytics, contact Evolution online.

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