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Evolution Consulting is an established market research company with a track record of excellence in the global pharmaceutical market. Within that ultra-competitive, tightly regulated space, we’ve established a reputation for delivering data-driven, actionable reports. After all – data is only useful if you can use it to shape your business strategy. That’s why we provide practical, detail-rich guidance for taking your business to the next level.


No matter what therapeutic area on which your company is focused, we have the skill, the experience, and the state-of-the-art methodologies to conduct insightful, impactful research across all the phases of your product’s launch and life cycle.

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Evolution Consulting & Research supports its clients in a myriad of ways, but always with one outcome in mind: Impact.

Behavioral Research

Uncover insights that shape the optimal consumer journey.

Marketing Communications

When go-to-market needs to be lead-the-market.

Healthcare Marketing Research Services and Data Analytics

Since most of our clients prefer to focus on pharmaceutical product life cycles, we specialize in providing this research. From assembling a data-driven business development plan, to assessing post-launch performance, senior-level management will be there to guide and support you at every step of the way. Here’s how it works.

Step #1: Business Development – First, we conduct research to determine the viability of a possible product: whether or not there’s a market for it to succeed.

Step #2: In-Licensing – Next, we assess the value of a target asset and determine if an investment is warranted.

Step #3: Phase I, Phase II – Third, we assess the value of the pharmaceutical product based on its target product profile (TPP). If data shows that the time is right for further development, the next step is gaining a clearer understanding of the product landscape – for instance, issues like treatment approaches, currently available products, and unmet needs for physicians and patients.

Step #4: Phase III – The next priority is to determine the viability of the product, based on predicted or finalized pivotal (Phase III) trial results. How will the product fare, given these results and approved status? What device or packaging should I use for my product? We use data to answer these questions.

Step #5: Pre-Launch – During pre-launch, we develop a positioning strategy for the new product. That means we develop and fine-tune the tactical elements needed for launch, such as creative development, product messaging, and visual aid development. We also conduct a pre-launch market landscape assessment to understand the launch environment and establish key performance indicators (KPIs).

Step #6: Post-Launch, In-Market (Phase IV) – This is the stage where we focus on finding answers to questions like, how is my product performing along KPIs? What strategic shifts should we make – if any – to cope with market developments?

Step #7: Follow-Up – Our services go beyond the product life cycle to look at the bigger picture. Some of the common questions we help our clients answer include:

Healthcare Business Solutions

Evolution works with small to mid-size pharmaceutical companies who need a more strategic and sophisticated marketing partner. Some of our clients are Fortune 100 companies, while others are small enough not to have in-house MR departments. Large or small, we work with global manufacturers of pharmaceutical products within any therapeutic area, including but not limited to:

Thanks to our flexible, adaptive approach, no engagement is too broad or too narrow.

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Global pharmaceutical leaders, 15 of the world’s top 20, repeatedly choose Evolution. It’s simple –they want to work with a partner who can consistently deliver outstanding work. Experience the difference for yourself.

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