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Senior management of projects. Actionability of data. A flexible, nimble service model that adapts to your needs – not the other way around. We aren’t like other firms in the consumer retail space. We’re trusted experts in tying data analysis to every step in the customer journey. We deliver data-backed, immersive, actionable recommendations that shape your strategy and drive your growth.

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is poised for massive changes. Forces like globalization, regulation, and technology are changing the economy. Online retail giants like Amazon are growing larger and becoming harder to compete with each day. Simultaneously, millennials are becoming more influential drivers of the market.

The world we live in is changing and so are consumers –their needs, their values, and their expectations. Consumers demand better quality. More choices. Sustainable options. Corporate transparency. Mobile support. Fluid design. An immersive, uplifting customer experience that connects on a personal level. Advertisers and marketers need to keep up.

That’s easier said than done. The data points are boundless – but the possibilities are endless. We create a customized plan to tackle your issues from every angle, no matter how complex. We understand the challenges facing your industry. Budgetary constraints. Tight timelines. Team decision paralysis. We’re ready to help you develop better solutions through targeted commercialization strategies that move you through the competitive landscape.

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Our strategic brand consultancy works with the consumer divisions of existing clients in healthcare. In addition to advertising agencies for companies offering consumer products, we work directly with Fortune 500 companies that produce consumer products or offer consumer-oriented services. We’re proud of our client portfolio, which features some of the world’s most trusted and recognizable brands. Some of the consumer retail companies we’ve worked with include Procter & Gamble (Folgers, Puffs, Hawaiian Punch, Sunny Delight and Millstone brands), Pillsbury (Toaster Strudel/Scrambles, Totino’s Pizza Rolls, Progresso Soups), Aurora Foods (Duncan Hines Bake Mixes), AT&T, Church & Dwight (Nair), Continental Airlines (now United Airlines), and US West (now part of Century Link).
Our track record speaks for itself: consumer companies trust Evolution to handle their advertising and marketing research.


Evolution Consulting & Research supports its clients in a myriad of ways, but always with one outcome in mind: Impact.

Behavioral Research

Uncover insights that shape the optimal consumer journey.

Marketing Communications

When go-to-market needs to be lead-the-market.

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You can’t get the answers you need without asking the right questions:

There are countless ways to approach these and other issues. That’s why we deliver a broad range of customizable solutions within the CPG industry, including:

Why Choose Evolution?

Choosing a marketing research firm isn’t something to take lightly. The outcome can mean the difference between action and inaction, success and failure, profit and loss. You need a highly-skilled and flexible team that delivers strategies tailored to your business – customized for the specific goal or solution you are trying to achieve.

The team you choose should have the intuition and confidence that can only come from decades of marketing research experience.

When you partner with Evolution, you’ll benefit from seasoned professionals and sophisticated methodologies – including quantitative and qualitative research methods – a clear advantage over other firms. By taking the time to complete both, we’re well-informed about industries and products. Beyond that, you need thoughtful execution where the quality of research and reporting is never compromised. Translation? Better reports, clearer communication, and increased opportunity for business growth.

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