Piecing together a fragmented customer journey

Traditional analytics is focused on evaluating a traditional set of metrics. While these metrics provide insight, traditional analytics also has some limitations for business owners – namely, the confusing fragmentation of data across platforms. For example, your business might be using Google Analytics to monitor web traffic – but MailChimp to monitor email interactions.

This fragmentation makes it difficult for business owners to see the full picture. However, behavioral analytics offers an innovative solution to this problem. By pulling from multiple sources, behavioral analytics creates a deeper well of data, making a more sophisticated and multi-angled analysis possible. Through custom dashboards and detailed reports, behavioral analytics from Evolution give you actionable insights and the power to make smart decisions.

The next step? Implementing expert advice designed to help you achieve your goals. Our role? Providing the data, sharing our insights, and recommending potential strategies.

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Behavioral analytics is an exciting new field on the cutting edge of data analytics. Traditional data analytics remains an essential tool for assessing traditional metrics – but behavioral analytics takes the process a step further. That’s a critical capability in our increasingly digitized world.

The outcome? You gain a cohesive portrait of the customer or patient journey.

• Ad campaign ROI
• Cohort reporting
• Conversion rates and engagement rates
• Customer segmentation
• Lead conversion
• Problem areas like customer churn
• Traffic generation

  • “Prior to our partnership, we were a text book example of ‘data coming from all directions’. Different departments used different dashboards and nothing rolled-up to one central source of truth. But our Evolution team was able to piece it all together in a way that allowed us to confidently make well-informed decisions on what our priorities needed to be.”
    –Senior Executive, top 10 Pharmaceutical company.

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Behavioral Analytics for Healthcare Companies

When you’re equipped with the data that behavioral analytics illuminates, and expert guidance on exactly how to use that data – it’s easier than ever before to track, map, and predict the patient decision-making journey. With behavioral analytics in your repertoire, you can spend less time (and less money) to achieve objectives like maximizing revenue, obtaining a clearer understanding of the purchase-making process, and addressing the economic challenges posed by industry competition and federal regulations. We’ll work with you to assess opportunities, price and position your products more effectively, and explore untapped utilizations for products.

Behavioral Analytics for Consumer Companies and Retailers

Behavioral analytics delivers the data to tackle any challenge more efficiently –especially when merged with the power of traditional data analytics or predictive data analytics. Whether you’re looking to compete in emerging markets, Target segments more effectively, develop and optimized pricing strategy, or simply to better understand your customer’s full journey, behavioral analytics can help your business reach new heights.

Behavioral Analytics for Financial Companies

Using advanced technology, behavioral analytics tracks financial customer’s interactions with websites, mobile apps, and other platforms. Unlike traditional analytics, behavioral analytics allows you to store information from different sources in a unified area. Not only does this increase efficiency – it also allows exponentially more sophisticated questions to be analyzed and answered.

What user group is most likely to make in-app purchases? Where should we place our call-to-action? What are the highest ROI marketing channels, and how can we make use of them? These are just a few examples of real questions that financial service businesses can answer by applying behavioral analytics.

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Evolution provides strategic, actionable insights that expand your company’s ability to excel. With senior level management, involvement, and engagement throughout the project, you’ll have peace of mind your business is in expert hands. Our commitment is comprehensive; we are engaged from the beginning to the end of a project.

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