Data. It’s what we do.

Big Data should give you big insights – not big hassles. That’s why our experts break it down for you. Our reports are accompanied by actionable recommendations for ways of improving your business model. That’s because we believe data analytics should offer tangible solutions to the toughest challenges facing your industry.

We’re known for providing solutions and insight – not just data – to address our clients’ pain points. Data analytics can target any goal or challenge, including but not limited to issues like:

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At Evolution, we believe in having a battle-tested and thorough process. It starts with deep analysis, but always ends with action.

Step one: collect comprehensive data about your products, your performance, and your competitors. Identify opportunities to expand, slash costs, streamline, or innovate. Assess the picture across geographies, over time, and throughout diverse market segments.

Step two: convert our findings to clear, intuitive, visually stunning graphics. Create a compelling narrative through custom dashboards, interactive features, and at-a-glance metrics. Paint a picture you won’t forget – and can’t misread.

Step three: deliver an actionable analysis with expert support at every touchpoint. Show you what the data means and how you can apply it. Break down the barriers to insight and understanding. Give you a customized roadmap to your business destination.

  • “Evolution’s view that data alone won’t enable a smarter future is dead-on. Their ability to capture, then sift through every data point available, and synthesize it into a plan of attack, is what places them in a league all their own.”
    –Senior Marketing Executive, Leading Financial Services Company

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Healthcare Companies

No longer are clinical trials and patient studies the only means to gain insight about products performance and marketing strategies. The landscape has changed. Today’s industry leaders can – and should – look to market research firms who specialize in collecting, presenting, and analyzing data that can inform high-impact decisions.

With 15 of the world’s top 20 leading biopharmaceutical firms to vouch for our approach, we choose to attack from all angles, studying every factor that impacts your business and industry. From opportunity assessment and market segmentation, to product forecasting and simulation, we gather, collect, and analyze data using sophisticated qualitative and quantitative research methods. Yes, Evolution does both – and does them well.

Consumer Companies and Retailers

Retail companies process vast quantities of data points on a daily basis. Every time your business sells a SKU, it creates a new piece of data – an insight-to-be that’s ripe for analysis. Between that and the growing number of outlets and ways to buy, and add in the game-changing impact of social media, and you’ve got a lot to sift through.

How can I compete in an emerging market? Can you help me map -and influence- customer decision paths? How do we market Corporate Social Retail (CSR) initiatives? How can we capitalize on our recent innovation?

Our clients present us with no shortage of challenges and questions and we rise to the occasion each time.

Financial Companies

Evolution Consulting works with wholesale and retail banking institutions, credit card companies, insurance providers, and investment services. Our impressive client portfolio features some of the country’s leading financial service providers, including a variety of Fortune 500 companies and household name.

To make transformative business decisions, you need the expertise, the technology, and the methodologies to deliver comprehensive data analytics aimed at moving the needle. From identifying potential areas for growth, to limiting waste and reducing costs, data analysis opens the doorway to concrete strategies tailored to meet your company’s goals, targets, and projections.

Turn data into action.

At Evolution, our marketing research experts are your partners from start to finish. Data drives your decisions – our counsel drives your action.

To learn more about how we can drive your business to the next level, contact us online.

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