Messaging and Strategic Positioning

Your Message Matters.

The story you tell. The face you show. The impression you leave. Messaging is the very foundation of your business – the first point of contact between your company and the world. Evolution Consulting makes sure you get it right. Combined with strategic product positioning, on-point brand messaging:

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We are trusted analysts who deliver data that translates to action. Our team can help yours develop a robust messaging platform for the product or service you offer, enabling your business to communicate effectively and reach its target audience. See how far optimized messaging can take your business. Position yourself as an industry leader – and as a trusted choice for consumers. We know what it takes. We’ll show you how.


Getting messaging right is essential to any successful pharmaceutical initiative. That’s why we’ve established ourselves as pharmaceutical messaging leaders, working with 15 out of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Informing and evaluating messaging and positioning is just one of our areas of expertise. Combined with advanced analytical methods, plus our expertise across a wide array of therapeutic areas – oncology, ophthalmology, GI, and cardiovascular, to give just a couple examples – we offer powerhouse of solutions to pharmaceutical product messaging challenges.

Messaging plays a crucial but evolving role at different stages of the product’s lifecycle. In the pre-launch phase, product messaging is one of the tactical elements needed for a successful launch – alongside creative development and visual aid development. We perform a research-based evaluation of your messages and other communications elements. Later, during the post-launch and in-market phases (Phase IV), we assess the potential benefits of adjusting those tactics. All of our feedback is based on cutting-edge marketing research and data, which means you can move your resources in a smarter, more efficient direction.

You don’t need piles of data for data sake. You need actionable insight into the patient experience and decision-making process. With Evolution, that’s exactly what you get -but it’s only a small part of what we can do.


In the retail sphere, Evolution uses a powerful combination of proprietary methodologies for message testing. Examples include PreSIM (qualitative conjoint), TxEvolution, our Minimal Expectations Model (MEM), and Message Planking. But we don’t just leave data on your desk. We actively involve your business at every stage of the message development and product positioning optimization process.

Our solutions are flexible and adapted to your needs –your need to compete with Amazon, to harness emerging technologies, to find fresh, new ways of communicating. We work with your business to develop a tailored marketing strategy focused on achieving results.

Financial Services

Effective messaging is critical for financial product and service providers. To maximize ROI, maintain profit margins, and master a customer-centric approach to business, you need a clear understanding of which messaging strategies are strongest at each touchpoint in the customer decision path.

Our data delivers critical insights into the relationship between your messaging strategy and the customer journey. We show you where you are – and lead the way to where you want to go.

Know the impression your messaging makes. Modify your messaging strategy to resonate with patients and consumers across market segments. Deepen brand loyalty, make new connections, or assess performance by tracking message uptake. Evolution Consulting can help you do it all. You provide the challenges – we provide the solutions. Qualitative. Quantitative. Informative. And always actionable.

Some companies build houses – ours builds brand messaging architecture. To learn more about how strategic positioning and messaging can set the stage for success,

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