It’s What’s Outside That Counts

We’re raised being told not to judge a book by its cover. But for better or worse, that’s how millions of people make purchases every day. At the same time, that doesn’t mean the shiniest or sleekest packaging wins.

Market research helps your business sell more products by targeting market segments through effective, resonant packaging. Armed with a data-driven understanding of the customer journey or patient journey, you’re in a stronger position to design and incorporate packaging that communicates value – and closes the sale.

Packaging can’t be an afterthought. It’s the gateway to better sales. Through marketing research and analytics, Evolution can help your business improve its packaging – and increase its revenue.

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Packaging is a medium, just like film or paint. And whether the product is a medication, a beverage, or a new credit card, packaging tells a story about its quality and value.

At Evolution, not only are we gifted storytellers – we also happen to be experienced researchers. Merging our backgrounds in consumer market research, pharmaceutical market research, and market research for financial products and services, our trusted strategists bring decades of expertise to every engagement.

Evolution Consulting & Research supports its clients in a myriad of ways, but always with one outcome in mind: Impact.

Behavioral Research

Uncover insights that shape the optimal consumer journey.

Marketing Communications

When go-to-market needs to be lead-the-market.

Market Research for the Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry

Deciding what packaging is best for your product is a major part of the Phase III product life-cycle in the pharmaceutical industry. Of course, savvy business owners will take packaging into consideration from the very outset of a research initiative.

Smart packaging is a cost-efficient way to communicate your message almost instantly. When a patient looks at your product, what is he or she really seeing? Market research provides the data that answers those questions, enabling your team to make better packaging decisions that resonate with your desired market segments. Learn more about our Pharmaceutical services.

Packaging Market Research for the Financial Industry

From budget options for millennials, to premium and luxury products, financial markets are increasingly competitive – and increasingly crowded. Your business needs actionable data to maintain its competitive edge and market its products effectively.

Actionable packaging insights translate to higher profit margins. Better ROI. A more satisfying customer experience. A more loyal customer base. More opportunities for growth. For more information on our various services for the financial services industry click here.

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