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What will our business look like 24 months after an acquisition? Which, if any, parts of our business could suffer from a merger? These are among the myriad of questions our seasoned team routinely answers. Evolution Consulting delivers actionable insights that help corporate executives make better financial decisions about mergers and acquisitions.

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The research is complex, but our process is simple:

  1. Our expert strategists provide your business with analytics to simplify assessment of potential deals and acquisition targets.
  2. We make practical recommendations based on the data we find.
  3. We maintain our commitment until we’ve steered your business in a more profitable direction. With start-to-finish engagement, our mission isn’t accomplished until yours is.

2018 has been a landmark year for mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical industry. Around $30 billion in deals have been made since the beginning of the year – and that figure is on the rise. You need to keep up with the currents and allocate your resources efficiently, so that you can maximize your R&D initiatives.

From researching potential deals all the way through to post-M&A support for sustained success, Evolution has decades of experience helping pharmaceutical companies achieve better results at all stages of the M&A process.

Our team takes a smart, holistic approach that addresses your financial and non-financial objectives, while keeping an eye on the best ways to manage risks and avoid unnecessary expense.



Mergers and acquisitions are among the most common challenges consumer companies ask us for help in addressing. In fact, research shows that M&A is one of the most prominent issues facing the CPG industry in 2018 and that trend isn’t likely to slow down any time soon.

Of course, M&A isn’t one issue for your business to tackle – it’s dozens. Evolution leverages data and expertise to inform them all. How will your company effectively expand into global emerging markets to drive growth and profitability? Should your company acquire or partner with other companies to facilitate growth? You need precise answers to a litany of questions facing your future.

Using proprietary research methodologies – and the sort of insight that can only come from decades of hands-on experience in the consumer industry – our game-changing visionaries can help you navigate these challenges, propelling your business into a more successful future.


Financial Services

For mergers and acquisitions to realize their full potential they MUST be driven by a wealth of data. The potential to expand your customer base. Potential to limit your overhead costs. Potential to shrink your pool of competitors. Potential to bring valuable assets into your company.

Evolution Consulting delivers comprehensive, actionable M&A research for financial companies that wish to explore mergers and acquisitions as a strategy for business growth. Armed with sophisticated data collection tools, we simplify every dimension of M&A analysis, enabling your team to negotiate better deals – and achieve superior post-deal integration. Through qualitative research and quantitative data mining, we make leveraging analytics easier.


From small family-owned businesses and startups, to nationally-known Fortune 500 companies, Evolution brings the expertise and data analysis required for you to make well-informed M&A decisions. Even in the most challenging and complex of scenarios. we can validate if merging or acquiring is in fact a wise step for your business.

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