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Our clients are why we’re in this business. Sure, we love the analytic process – but your success is what motivates and inspires us to move forward. We know that your business, like ours, is constantly reaching for new innovations, stronger techniques, and better solutions. We’re your trusted partner on that journey.

After developing a reputation for providing insightful, data-driven, actionable reports and insights in the in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, we decided to push our skills further and expand into two additional markets: financial services, and consumer goods and services.

We leverage the specialized knowledge we acquired in the pharmaceutical space to drive our research strategies farther, drawing on our extensive backgrounds in quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Whether your company exists in the healthcare, financial, or consumer space, we can make data-driven recommendations to improve performance and boost revenue.

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Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Companies

For more than 10 years, our leaders have worked with some of the country’s preeminent biopharmaceutical firms. Our product development expertise spans a broad range of major therapeutic areas including hematology, immunology, infectious disease, oncology, respiratory and allergy.

We’ve worked with 15 of the top 20 pharmaceutical industry leaders, making Evolution one of the most well-known and trusted names in the international pharmaceutical advertising sphere. Some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical firms including Merck, Allergan, Teva, Shire, Bioverativ, Celgene, CSL Behring and EMD Serono, depend on Evolution Consulting to develop advertising and marketing solutions. Over the years we’ve earned our reputation for strong and consistent market research-driven decisions, and for standing at the forefront of innovation.

Retailers and Consumer Companies

If you’ve ever been to a grocery store, you’ve seen (and possibly tasted) some of our clients within the consumer retail industry. We have consulted for some of the most recognizable food and beverage brands across the United States, including several products from household-name brands including Procter & Gamble, Aurora Foods and Pillsbury.

In addition to the research we’ve conducted for Folgers, Progresso, and other popular brand name foods, our sophisticated analytics have brought our work beyond snack and grocery retailers. Our researchers have also been hired to collect and analyze consumer data for some of the world’s largest, most influential transportation and communications companies, including AT&T, Continental Airlines (now United Airlines), and US West (now part of CenturyLink).

Financial Products and Service Providers

After building a reputation for excellence within the pharmaceutical marketing sphere, we successfully established Evolution as one of the country’s foremost marketing consultancies within the financial sector. We’ve worked with three of the top five banking institutions, three of the top five insurance companies, and four of the top five credit card companies. With expertise in Banking Services, Credit Card Products, Insurance Policies, Investment, Financial Planning, and Wealth Management Services, we have the experience to help your financial services.

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The pharmaceutical, consumer, and financial industries all have different market research needs — and they all trust Evolution to get the job done right. Find out why dozens of leading brands choose Evolution for data collection, data visualization, data analytics, predictive data analytics, behavioral analytics, and more. With our nimble service model, sophisticated approach to research, start-to-finish client commitment, and emphasis on actionability, we supply the tools and insights you need to make transformative business decisions.

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