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Evolution Consulting is a full-service marketing research firm. We specialize in strategic brand consulting for the financial industry. But we don’t just collect data or analyze algorithms – we translate research into action. Action into results.

You need valuable insights. You need ongoing support. You need to figure out what transforms a potential customer into a loyal member for life.

You need a roadmap, and we know the way. We offer four core services to meet the needs of today’s financial service provider:

  1. Customer journey mapping. Learn how, when, and most importantly, why customers make their purchasing decisions.
  2. Customer segmentation. Gain a deeper understanding of who your customers are to send a resonant, compelling message about your brand and why it matters.
  3. Product development services. We have decades of experience developing innovative, pioneering methods of approaching product development. We’ve mastered the art of thinking outside the box.
  4. Secure data storage, research, and analysis. We provide flexible, easy-to-use, robust reporting platforms for secure data storage your customers can trust. But we don’t just store the data for you – we also provide a no-nonsense breakdown of what it all means and how to apply it when making critical business decisions.

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Tight budgets. Fierce competition. Strict regulation. Financial companies are already facing tough challenges when it comes to finding and keeping customers – especially in a world where security breaches and data leaks have made consumers wary. Are you managing data securely and efficiently?

Are you mitigating cyber risks as well as you could be? How will you appeal to budget-conscious millennials? How will you adapt to increasing automation? How will you maintain profit margins during a period of persistently low interest rates? And most importantly – are you generating the revenue you’re capable of?

Clients choose us because we have the technology, the experience, and the plain industry know-how to provide clear, practical answers to the industry’s toughest questions. Whether you’re a small, midsize, or large financial service company, we’re ready to help you overcome obstacles, surpass competition, and hit targets.

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Our Clients

Evolution has worked with some of the largest, most prominent companies in the U.S. financial industry. We’re their guides, their advisors, and most importantly, their trusted partners. Our work is then central to their strategy and success, both in terms of loyal customers and overall increased revenue.

Our client portfolio features dozens of Fortune 500 companies, including banking companies, mortgage companies, credit card companies, wealth management companies, and insurance companies. We’re proud to say we have more than 30 years of experience supporting industry leaders, including globally recognized brands. Three of the top five banking services. Three of the top five insurance businesses. Four of the top five credit card companies. The financial sector knows us – and the financial sector trusts us.

Our seasoned analysts have taken companies like Allstate, Discover, and Mastercard to new heights. Now find out where we can take you.

Data that matters. Insights that achieve. That’s what we specialize in – and that’s why Evolution Consulting is the right fit for you. Whether it’s your first step into world of marketing research for finance, or maybe just your next, we have the tools you need to take your business further and make a tangible impact on ROI.

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